"Restorative justice (RJ) is a powerful approach to discipline that focuses on repairing harm through inclusive processes that engage all stakeholders. Implemented well, RJ shifts the focus of discipline from punishment to learning and from the individual to the community."
Shane Safir

We help schools improve climate and culture through restorative practices and positive relationships. View our Services.

Restorative Justice Program Implementation

Instantly reduce the percentage of students that receive out of school consequences for behaviors in school, and instantly improve school climate and culture. 

RJ Training, Staffing, and Program Development

Staff selection and professional skill development are critical for success. We provide ongoing training and support to ensure the right staff members facilitate RJ in the right way.

Discipline Data Insights and Solutions

We provide custom solutions for data tracking and warehousing. Track your program success with a click of a button, disaggregated in whatever ways you like.

"I'm convinced the reason my school has the highest graduation rate in the city is in large part due to the fact we keep kids in school. Fewer students receive out of school behavioral consequences than in the past. Not only do we keep more kids in school and learning, but also our RJ program teaches students to see how their actions affect the entire school community. That's huge."  
Dr. Zachary Scott Robbins
School Leader

Frequently asked Questions

We have over 15 years of experience providing expert advice to schools. Our Restorative Practices Team brings decades of industry expertise in improving school climate, instituting restorative practices, and strategic data solutions. We provide training and support to site-level and district administrators, school psychologists, social workers, school counselors, and district level research and school improvement divisions. 

We show clients everything they need to know to institute restorative practices and improve school climate. We address all aspects of human resource development, up to and including the development of school social workers, counselors, psychologists, administrators, RJ peers leaders, and teachers who refer students for disciplinary infractions due to fractured relationships with their students.

Absolutely. Schools, school communities, and school districts are different. All have individual needs. We customize our services to respond to the needs of our clients. 

Key Advantages


We have over 15 years experience providing expert advice to schools and districts.


An enthusiastic, effective team of advisors are always here to help.


Our team will ensure you get the optimum results.

What we can do for you

  • Reduce suspension and expulsion rates.
  • Improve school climate.
  • Get a digital dashboard to monitor program effectiveness.
  • Get your team ready for sustained success.
  • That’s what Restorative Justice Solutions can do for your school or district. We can provide training at your location, or you can attend a RJS Summer Learning Institute. Get RJS Restorative Practices started in your school community! What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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